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RazoRock German 37 Slant Razor - Torsionshobel


R 365.00


Slant razors looks freekishly good in a twisted sort of way, the purpose of their design is to achieve a cutting action that is bi directional, also slicing the hair much like the cutting action you'd have when slicing Listeria-free polony. Another benefit of a slant razor is that the blade is torqued in two directions, increasing the mechanical strength and making the blade more rigid; a thin but rigid blade cuts more efficiently. Slant razors are perfect for tough beards and sensitive skin. With a sharper blade they cut whiskers like a hot knife through butter and thus require less passes with the razor. 

The head design is of German origin....seems like the Europeans are getting along well with each other!  

The razors weighs a 99 grams, and stands 97 mm tall, included in the box a bonus-pack of 5 Derby blades to get you going on your cue ball smooth shaving journey. This razor features the stainless steel Bulldog handle with a Zinc alloy head that has been chromed to a durable mirror like finish, pretty and tough, a great combination.     

Stand not included, but we should have the ones in the pic available by end of April 2020 

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