Shaving bowls and scuttles

Chromed steel bowl


R 165.00
Here is a steel bowl that works very well with longer brushes, it is made of steel, has nice patterns and a rib formation that was punched vertically into the steel, the ribs are indented on the outside and protruding on the inside, the latter being a great help with quicker lather formation. The foot is great for gripping the bowl when working up a lather, but also works very well when pressed down on a flat surface to do the same. The dished side is deep with a narrower rim at the top, encouraging lather to fall back into the bowl rather than to jump out and go visit the neighbors. The sizes are 125 mm (diameter top rim) x 95 mm (height) x 64 mm (diameter on bottom of foot) on the medium bowl, and 137 x 105 x 72 on the large bowl.

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