Shaving brushes

Number 1 (CB128)


R 950.00
The green tint has high lighted the "1" figure proudly displayed within the other year rings of this wild olive brush. This wood has a wonderful feel to it, and is one of my favorite materials to use in a more natural state. Coat every once in a while if required. Using it in water gives it a feel like very fine sandpaper, quite nice when working with water and soap, a very practical species of timber to use for shaving brushes. Number one is fitted with a 26 mm High Mountain white knot, weighs 63 grams, stands 96 mm tall, with a loft of 56 mm. The chubby handle is 40 mm high and has a bump of 42 mm. Apparently the "1" is for first place in a series of Hot dog eating contests!

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