Shaving brushes

Wild Olive with a Manchurian fan (CB135)


R 1,450.00

This Wild olive looks like your neighbor's meticulously trimmed hedge that you are soooo jealous off. One solution to banish all such jealous thoughts is to buy this brush and put it on your coffee table in front of you, then get a cold one out of the fridge. Put your feet up on the table and look at your neighbor sweating his butt off on his hedge and smile, take a sip, look at the brush, smile again. Done. The knot is a SHD Manchurian two band finest and is ready to get cracking in your bathroom or in your man-cave. This stub weighs 68 grams, stands 98 tall and has a loft of 52 mm. It is 44 mm fat. It's quite the character.

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