Straight Razors

Custom straight Razor CS16


R 3,290.00

Another proudly, locally manufactured razor from the bench of Naude Eckard. This 7/8 razor reminds me of a Kawasaki GPZ 1100, just have a look at this restored beauty and you'd know why I say so!🧡 Classic, cool, clean and something you simply have to own at some point during your time on planet earth.

This razor has scales made from indigenous hardwood, the red liner adds to its appeal and friction folding action. Simple and functional with a touch of pizzazz added to the old-school cool, got to love it. Great feeling jimps on this bad boy, and it sits beautifully in the users hand.

The blade is made of 52100 steel, it has been triple tempered and double hardened. The hardness of the blade is between 61-63 RC. The grind on the blade is a belly grind, and it has hand finished to a beautiful sheen appearance.
The blade has been "wet tested" and is shave ready, and only needs stropping before being used.

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