1940's Merkur slant (V320)

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This Badass slicer seems to come straight from Nazi-Germany, I can visulize senior officers of the 'Wehrmacht' having these in their kits to maintain that sharp-dressed, on point appearance. Information from this era in Germany is actually quite scarce on the net, I guess it is because most people feel it is taboo, digging will not alwyays give you the results you are looking for, but one does come across some interesting stuff, did you know Hitler's moustache was also known as a 'snot brake' or 'Chaplinbart' referring to Charlie Chaplin. I now understand the man's agression...if someone named my stash a 'snotstopper' I'd be pissed also! 

There are a few slants from this era, and they are quite hard to find and collectable, but more specific information is not available. They do not come around often. This one has a box in fairly good condition also, R1.80 is marked in with pencil! Ask for a pic if needed or wait for the surprise when it arrives.

The razor stands 84 mm high and weighs 51 grams, the hardware is still in good condition, if it hands around for a bit I will give it a test shave, there are some comments on the forums that would suggest it is a great shaver.