26 mm Boar in Scotchbrite resin (CB161)

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This resin cast did not turn out how we anticipated, but we don't believe all brushes should be pieces of art, as long as it is functional as a brush we are happy to offer it to any bloke who fancies it. The clear resin allows to much reflection from the 'staalwol' in the cast, taking away the beauty that sits on the surface where the metal is polished and looks like thin, silvery doodles. After polishing the brush we dulled it up again to 800 grit sandpaper to achieve a matt appearance, so when the brush is dry it appears as in the pictures, but when wet it becomes clear and the metal bits in the resin becomes very prominent. This brush is fitted with a 26 boar knot to complete the package for an affordable, durable resin brush that is completely maintenance free.   

Boar brushes have a longer break in period, and like all natural hair brushes, like to get wet as often as possible. Even when not in rotation, give your brushes a good soak every now and again, lather it up and if desired give it a treatment with our Bundu-bar to keep its bristles supple and soft, dry and stiff bristles are prone to breaking. Treat the handle with a natural oil or wax solution whenever you deem necessary.  It stands 145 mm high and the knot lofts at 62 mm. At 133 grams this is a heavy brush, so be prepared to work those forearms. The waist is 24 mm and the collar 27 mm.