The Presidential safety razor and brush stand

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The ideal stand for a husband-and-wife-bathroom, a modest shave fanatic who owns a measly three razors, and also for a president as it is a known fact that their numerical competence stops at 'three'. We like the four* nifty drawers that can house your blades, nail clippers, an alum block or even pieces of jewellery in. If I had used one I'd more than likely allocate one of the four drawers to my used blades also, perfect for quick disposal when inserting a new blade and then emptying it out every half a decade or so. The stand comes disassembled but one needs no tools to assemble it, two screwed connections done by hand and you are ready to go from door to door to show the neighbors your cool new stand! The clear perspex disc has space for 3 razors and three brushes, the hole sizes for the razor handles are all 17 mm, so it can accommodate everything from El-cheapo's to the bulkiest of shavers. Three brushes can call this stand their home, the cut-outs range in size to allow multiple types of brushes to fit, from bulky custom brushes right down to our budget boar brush. The width of the spaces allocated to brushes are 26, 33 and 37 mm. You can mount your brush from its foot, around the waist or on the collar and have the bristles protrude the disc facing down, we are pretty sure our clever clients will arrange their cool gear easily and make this stand display beautifully. The unit measures 150 mm x 150 mm (185 x 185 inclusive of the knobs) and stands 188 mm high when fully assembled.

*Confusion for a prez will set in here, if you are such a dignitary buying from us, please make a note in the space provided when checking out and we'll remove one drawer.