3D printed straight razor stand

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If you are a collector of straight razors you might have use for these stands. They have been designed with a nice and sturdy base, minimising any events where any of your prised razor may slip, fall and break. Storage on a stand in open dry areas with good ventilation will prolong the life of your razor and encourage frequent use and inspection of it, so test drive a few of these at any time! They can be aligned side by side, head to toe or in a circle, all depends on what you like and the space you have available. They will accept most razors, from the shortest shavette to the biggest-ass Bundu-whacker. For now only in black, but feel free to ask us if you want any in a specific colour and we'll see if we can get some done for you. They weigh 19 grams, with a total length of 115 mm, the bigger fork has an inner gap of 16 mm and the smaller one 8 mm.