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We are adding a few razors to our DE-range, and this adjustable is the first to be listed this time round. It is from maker Baili razors in China, who in our opinion offers superb razors at the budget end of the scale. This razor easily slots into the lowest end of the cost spectrum by a significant margin, and it is also our belief that it is the cheapest adjustable available in South Africa at this time.  If you are keen on getting an adjustable you might want to make a move on one of these as we only brought in a  small quantity of the new range to test and receive some feedback. The razor weighs a hefty 100 grams, and at 117 mm it is also the tallest adjustable on offer on our website. Action on moving parts is good, and one does not get the impression of a cheap razor. The parts on the head is really thick and chunky, and feels more durable than even the cool vintage adjustable Gillettes. The tray is also sturdy and solid with the bars doing the actual adjustments being much the same dimensions and thickness of the early Gillettes.

The manufacturer claims it is made from 'Swedish metal alloy material' it is certainly an alloy and a metal, exactly why Swedish and if it is better than the usual Zamac is yet to be investigated, but at this price range it is not of great concern. It also claims 'Eco friendly metal alloy' and I am also keen to find out why this is claimed, maybe a recycled component which will be great!

The finish on this razor is outstanding, and it blings the hell out of your bathroom, believe me! Something that struck me immediately is the smoothness of this razor, I immediately thought it shaved much like my Feather AD-S2, by closer inspection one can see that both has a fairly flat 'bumper-like' base plate. this obviously increases the area of safety bar on your face and makes it more comfortable, especially if control is a bit of an issue for the user. The razor has a very mild cutting action and a range that is pretty much middle of the road in terms of least to most aggressive. The head is nice and long and the razor blade tabs are covered, no sharp stuff sticking out, another plus for this new boy on the block. The blade fits nice and snug in the tray and there is less movement than on many other, more expensive adjustables. The dials are nice and tight, as with many other razors of this nature, make sure the doors are clamped firmly before doing some adjustments.

The razor has ample channel volume in the base plate to direct soap and hair from the shave, and works perfectly. Blade alignment/gap in relation to the safety bar looks pretty good, with no noticeable problem areas on the one we inspected and used.

If I had to choose one aspect to improve upon it would be the grip, the razor still grips well in wet hands, but it becomes quite slippery when soap enters between your fingers and the metal, this is a razor you might want to rinse a few times as you complete your shave, but I don't mind this too much as I think the honeycomb design looks pretty cool and fits nicely into the total presentation of the package. 

 Adjustables are the one type razor that will cater for all your needs from being a teen with silky soft whishers to 'hardebaard' and right back to old toppie with a few hairs here and there. This adjustable brings a very smooth shaving action to the party, and it might very well be the best adjustable razor for folks with sensitive skin, it slips over your skin easier than that huge Kurper out of you hands right before you snap a pic of your best catch for the weekend!     

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Timothy Solomon
Surprisingly Excellent

I have been using this gem for a few months now and have had great results on the aggressive setting ,it has proved to be very efficient razor for the price and well recommended.