Adjustable safety razor. DE20

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The DE20 is an adjustable razor with quite a wide range when it comes to blade gap, it feels quite aggressive on the top setting so make sure to use a smooth blade when turning up the volume! At the low end of the scale it the razor feels very smooth even with an very sharp blade. Although there is a definite difference in closeness when you shave on low vs high setting, the bigger difference to me is in the level of comfort, so this razor should suit a wide range of users. 

Adjustables are the one type razor that will cater for all your needs from being a teen with silky soft whishers to 'hardebaard' and right back to old toppie with a few hairs here and there. This razor is another entry level razor in this class, and we felt the need to offer this model as it has a few features not featured in any other razors we currently offer.

First of all it comes in three finsishes namely Matte Chrome, Gunmetal and Gold, Rose Gold should also become available with the next shipment.

It has a cap that is removed by pressing a button on the bottom of the razor. The mechanism is quite tight, and some folks may want to hold it upright in your hand with their thumb on top of the cap and give it a tap on the bathroom counter to release the cap.

The adjustability is via the handle (or head) that is turned clockwise and anti-clockwise. make sure you have a good grip on the head when adjusting when wet, the razor's design is smooth and ergonomic with no sharp corners and edges, so it can slip easily when adjusted with wet or soapy hands. My suggestion for clumsy clods would be to rather complete your shave or rinse/dry your razor during the shave and then adjust it to a lower/higher setting.

As this is an entry level razor one cannot expect exact tolerances and top class finishing, but you can expect of it to shave comfortable and it is very efficient razor at that. The razor has ample slots at the bottom of the base to allow for good flow-through, like most safety razors I complete every shave from A to Z without the need for a single rinse under a tap or in the basin. The handle is fairly smooth, but still functions well with wet hands, getting soap in the mix may have it a bit too slippery for some, but a quick rinse under the tap clears the shaving soap quickly and effectively.

The razor has a magnetized head that makes loading and changing of the blade easier. The easiest way to remove the blade is to hold the razor upright and remove the cap, then simply push down on the long end of the blade to have it pop up on the opposite end, now it can be gripped carefully and removed or replaced.

The razor's top parts strip easily by lightly pressing the cap and base together and turning the razor handle anti-clockwise, assemble by reversing your actions. 

It is a nice and heavy razor at 110 grams and has a very solid feel to it, the razor stands 120 mm tall and is 52 mm wide on the cap, easily covering all parts of the blade apart from the working sides.