African Black Blesbuck (ABB99)

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Blesbuck horns makes quite an interesting horndle, no tw0 are alike and all of them will have different colour and shape profiles, we filled this one with clear resin as to allow the lighter parts to show off a bit more prominent. As with most horns this one also tapers, and the brush has a narrower neck section with a belly popping out towards the bottom end. The smoothed out ridges with the deep, dark brown colours sets off nicely against the lighter, natural scratches that can be seen in the valleys. The large, flat base makes this a comfortable bowl lathering brush, while the thinner top section makes for comfortable grip with your thumb and top two fingers when face lathering is your go-to. This is quite a large diameter handle, and is definitely for chaps with larger hands or longer fingers.  We fitted this brush with a 26 mm Bodger knot, a 50/50 mix of Silvertip and Boar. The brush weighs 121 grams, and stands 124 mm tall. with a loft set at 56 mm. The body has diameters ranging from 31 mm to 48 mm.

This brush likes to stand up straight, and will fit most stands when mounted upside-down on the collar, but does look a bit odd in that position.