African Black Brush (ABB90)

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The timber used for this brush is African Olive Burl (Olienhout) as with must burl blanks the flow of the grain is wild and wicked, wit lots of spots, craggles and short little turns, the wood has loads of swirls and great colour variation to keep thinks interesting against the white resin.

The white resin has a pigment in it that glows in the dark, not bright enough  to serve as a lamp when Eskom lets you down, but eerie enough to make the kids thing the monster with the crooked eye is waiting in the bathroom...

We have applied a coat of a new aftershave balm we are developing made from tallow, olive oil and a few other ingredients, and we love the natural sheen of this product, so as a bonus you will receive a small tub of this to nourish your brush, and to try on your face, now if that is not the type functionality you'd love from a shaving product we'll have a hard time to please you!

The brush stands 136 mm tall, with the loft at 54 mm. It has a waist of 22 mm and a belly of 40 mm. The brush weighs 112 grams and has a 28 mm Finest two band knot in it. This is a workhorse if you need a mine labourer on weed...simply won't stop grafting!