African Black Oryx (ABB90)

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Every Oryx horn tapers from thin to thick, and one can get 1 to 3 'normal brushes' from it, there is only one that has the 'perfect diameter' and this is one of them. We filled this with clear resin, so you can see the knot plug and the inner walls of the horn. As with most African Black brushes this one has most of its dings and divots in place, much the same as they were on the animal when it roamed the land. The brush weighs 95 grams, and stands 112 mm tall with a loft set at 52 mm. The body has diameters ranging from 34 mm to 42 mm. This brush is fitted with a 26 mm Finest two band knot that has a fan is waving at you to get it into your basket!

This brush likes to stand up straight, and will not fit on a stand, unless you rest it on its collar, when placed upside down like this it is stable and uniform enough not to roll over or about.