African Black Salty (ABB55)

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The theme of this brush ties in with our 'African Black' range in a new way in that the bulk part of resin is replaced with coarse salt, and not just any type of salt either, one of the purest forms of salt on the planet!

This salty feature makes the brush even more charged up on the eco-friendly side as we only use about a third of the resin we'd normally use. Although you lose some visual attributes of the resin, you gain exceptional grip as the salt on the exposed surface of the brush is dissolved in water and leaves these pockets that feels will enhance grip dramatically, especially around the curves of the brush and your fingers. 

You may detect some more salt residue as you use your brush, nothing to worry and you can simply wipe it away with water, this in on account of some more inner crystals that are dissolving as we can only spend so much time rinsing a brush handle. I think it would be so cool if all the salt could be washed out completely, it would look wicked! Who knows maybe after years of use....

This brush has some well matured African Olive (Olienhout) with a bit of resin and salt filling the natural voids, it is fitted with a 26 mm boar knot. The knot has been treated, lathered and cleaned and is ready for its first use right out of the starting blocks.

This brush has a light coat of polyeurathane over it, we mostly prefer it natural, but we are not the customer! We have mixed some hemp into the resin to dull the white resin to a colour that resembles the boar knot.

The brush stands 133 mm tall, with the loft at 52 mm, this boy will exfoliate like a beast!  It has a waist of 2 mm and a 'boepie' of 39 mm. The brush weighs 101 grams.