Coconut escape (ABB92)

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This poor brush has been laying about for a year waiting for me to produce a buddy for it, I promised it a coconut shell bowl to let it go as a pair, but I just could not hold it back this time round as it jumped in front of the camera shouting; 'Freedoooooooom!' Fear took over and I obliged.

This brush looks as fancy as James Bond in a tux, black suit, grey tipped hair and some classy brown fabric on the jacket lapel and cumberband. The brush has a 24mm Synthetic tuxedo knot, a black resin pour and the brown bands are coconut shell I brought back as fruit from beautiful Mozambique, it looks quite stylish, I'll have to do a few more in similar fashion!

The brush stands 140 mm tall, with the loft at 56 mm. It has a waist of 21 mm and a belly of 40 mm. The brush weighs 104 grams.