African Olive salty (ARB41)

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African Olive wood with beautiful grain and structure has been combined with yellow resin in our 'Salty' option to present a brush with nice flow, it has a road of brown chocolate fudge snaking through patches of yellow. 

The theme of this brush ties in with our 'African Rainbow' range in a new way in that the bulk part of resin is replaced with coarse salt, and not just any type of salt either, one of the purest forms of salt on the planet!

We obtain the salt from, who harvests it from the Kalahari region where the salt is a ever-replenishing, renewable source.

We have applied a coat of 'My bliksem' aftershave balm we have recently developed, it is made from tallow, olive oil and a few other ingredients. We love the natural sheen this product leaves on wood, we are developing a version with beeswax that should last longer on the wood, but for now 'Bliksem' it with balm!

The brush stands 138 mm tall, with the loft at 54 mm. It has a waist of 23 mm and a belly of 38 mm. The brush weighs 94 grams and has a 24 mm silvertip knot in it.