African Rainbow Brush (ARB32)

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This experimental brush is made from locally grown young Wild Olive wood and blue resin. The wooden blank was blank was cut to see how it would look filled with a swoosh of resin, and in the process we left a cavity in the middle serving two main purposes; a) To hide your stash of cocaine when travelling by air b) to hide your prison shank should you get caught in possession of dope at the airport! I suppose you could also build a USB into there... install a small LED light and battery, but that is for nerds and not tough guys who shave with steel. 

We really just wanted some more light to pass through the centre and give the brush a cavity of some sorts to see if it is do-able and have a look at the aesthetics when done. The thing with brushes...there is an owner for every one of them, we just need to find him/her!

We have applied a coat of a new aftershave balm we are developing made from tallow, olive oil and a few other ingredients, and we love the natural sheen of this product, so as a bonus you will receive a small tub of this to nourish your brush, and to try on your face, now if that is not the type functionality you'd love from a shaving product we'll have a hard time to please you!

The brush stands 124 mm tall, with the loft at 64 mm. It has a waist of 25 mm and a belly of 37 mm. The brush weighs 82 grams and has a 26 mm Boar knot in it.

Get this wet asap!