African Rainbow Bronzy (ARB21)

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This brush combines Sekelbos with bronze, black and white to produce some great swirls and 3D effect, another brush that loves the light, so be glad you live in SA and enjoy that outside/bush shower! Personally I will mostly use synthetics of 28 and 30 mm, and this one falls in that class with a 28 mm synthetic Tuxedo knot. The Sekelbos is rockhard, and we'll include a tub of balm to keep the reds red and the browns brown. Its one of those brushes you can post on your SOTD, turn 180 degrees tomorrow for a 'brand new' brush!

The brush stands 150 mm tall, with the loft at 60 mm. The waist is 26 mm and the belly around 42. Quite a large heavy brush at 130 grams, get ready to hurt that lathering bowl!

Every cloud has a golden lining....or is that bronze?