African Rainbow Salty (ARB10)

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If you lather in a bowl and haven't tried a long, sleek brush you don't know what you are missing, especially if you enjoy using a deeper bowl! 

The theme of this brush ties in with our 'African Rainbow' range as the bulk part of resin that would be required to create a brush is replaced with coarse salt, and not just any type of salt either, one of the purest forms of salt on the planet, all the way from the Kalahari desert!

This brush combines Olienhout (African olive) with salt and resin to present a long handle and baby blue resin, how schweet is that!

The brush stands 151 mm tall, with the loft at 57 mm. The waist is 19 mm and the belly around 36. Long, sleek, pretty and swift, she weighs 92 grams.

Wicked patterning by the Olienhout, quite lovely to feast your eyes on the patterns that are presented.