African Rainbow Salty (ARB9)

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Short, stubby, with a more authentic, conventional handle, but with 'new tech and ancient materials'!

The theme of this brush ties in with our 'African Rainbow' range as the bulk part of resin that would be required is replaced with coarse salt, and not just any type of salt either, one of the purest forms of salt on the planet! 

We obtain the salt from, who harvests it from the Kalahari region where the salt is a ever-replenishing, renewable source. This source was discovered beneath a 50 km2 salt pan where three underground streams converge and replenish an ancient underground salt lake of 55 million tons from which the salt water is deposited into pans under the hot Kalahari sun and sun-dried. 

This salty feature makes this brush even more charged up on the eco-friendly side as we only use about a third of the resin we'd normally use. Although you lose some visual attributes of the resin, you gain exceptional grip as the salt on the exposed surface of the brush is dissolved in water and leaves these pockets that feels will enhance grip dramatically, especially around the curves of the brush and your fingers. This salty used less than half the resin we'd use for a full resin brush.

This brush is all resin and salt, nothing else, it is fitted with a 24 mm synthetic silvertip knot. Taste it...its kinda freeky, it will lost its zing over time and reduce in weight, a 'live' brush!

The brush stands 97 mm tall, with the loft at 56 mm. The waist is 29 mm and the chest around 38...shaped like your average middle aged dame if you ask me. Die borsel weeg 60 'gramme'

Puik reisborseltjie!