Alum stone antibacterial block

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These babies are dragged over your face after a shave. A product that has been around for centuries that have been replaced by mostly overpriced, pantsy smelling, artificial products, this stuff is so good, it is even used to purify water when you run out of it!  Some more uses for the wonderful stuff here  a Big stone weighing 110 grams and measuring 66x42x23 mm, it will last you a few years dependant on use.

Customer Reviews

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Best product ever

I bought the alum stone for shaving nicks, but I also use it as a non-fragrant deodorant.

Long story short my face is irritant free, I have zero BO, and my ballsack is fresher than a spring meadow.

Each of my family members will get one this christmas.

Simply a must have product for every person.

Yannick Vermeulen
A must-have for all wet shavers

I'm in love with this product because it's a natural astringent, has antiseptic properties, provides feedback on your shave, natural deodorant and so much more!

Since I'm a beginner I get nicks and cuts all the time and this bad boy deals with them nicely with a little sting us wet shavers can handle. It's a good way to clean the skin up while also helping reduce acne. I honestly consider this a miracle product and am ecstatic whenever I see it.

So glad I found out about Bundubeard otherwise I'd still be restlessly searching for a safe, reliable and affordable website on the net.

I'm a very happy customer. Thanks Jaco and team!💯


It's antibacterial so when I use it under my arms then the smell goes away for the day. I am extending the life time of all my shirts by not using the usual anti-perspirant stuff that forms a hard layer or de-colours the armpit areas of the shirts.

Plus its odorless so I can put whatever cologne on without getting weird questions about my mix of smells when someone gets too close (Yes I give great hugs so hence). Oh it also doesn't leave a weird feeling under your arms when you use it unlike most of the other stuff out there.

Also great for fixing those small cuts.

Jaco M

A must have for both a new comer and advanced wet shaver.

It helps to stop the bleeding if you cut yourself and also soothes irritated skin.

I have very sensitive skin and since I started using this block after every shave my skins irritability reduced dramatically.


Wow! What great service, Bundubeard! I’m so happy with the product and presentation, thank you!
A natural way of closing your pores, tightening your skin and it also serves as a great anti-perspirant and antiseptic!
This Stone Rocks!