Alum Stone Antibacterial Deodorant Stick

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Apply under armpits after a shower, it applies easier when you are still slightly wet, or dip the stick in water when using dry. Antibacterial, so it will kill all the nasty stuff. A product that has been around for centuries that have been replaced by mostly overpriced, pantsy smelling, artificial products, this stuff is so good, it can even used to purify water when you run out of it!  Some more uses for the wonderful stuff here  You can also crush it and add it to a small spray bottle filled with water until the mixture is saturated, very handy when in the veld, use on your face, body, or on tired feet. Just the thing when you have tracked that Gemsbok in the Namib for kilometers on end. Oudourless, so it won't smell you when you eventually get close enough! Available in medium (80g) and large (150g)

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