Athena Raven

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If you like razors with its strong personalities here is one for you. a Chemical process and copper is used to obtain this unique look to the blade of this razor. The maker of this blade is Roman Kamlash who hails from Chernihiv in the Ukraine and makes razors for a living.

This rustic razor has a 7/8 blade, made from 105 WCr 6 steel, the raven look to the blade is supported by the matching Micarta scales and copper wedge. it has a half hollow grind, making for great shaves all round. 

What else does SA have in common with the Ukraine? Well the country is considered to have diverse animal life, with about 350 species of birds, more than 100 species of mammals, and 200 species of fish. Just to give you an idea of how privileged we are, we have 850 bird species, 299 mammals species and more than 800 hundred species of fish, looking at only the marine environment! This is certainly a legacy we have to try and protect and preserve, even more so as it will maintain itself, we just have to stand back and let nature take it's coarse. Just like Saffers Ukranians also like to booze it up, data from the WHO ranks the Ukraine 6th globally, with 13.9 litres glugged per capita per year. Only Belarus, which tops the chart, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia and Romania consumes more, South Africa comes in 52nd overall, with consumption per capita of 9.3 litres, we had better start tanking it up!

Interestingly the Prez in Belarus prescribe drinking Vodka and parking off in the sauna as ways to get rid of the Corona virus, why do all the other countries get all the clever presidents!?

The razor is shave ready and eager to please...