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This Bamboo handled toothbrush has superfine bristles that is arranged in a bed rather than small individual holes in the wood, making it extremely soft on your teeth and gums, there is now way that you can feel individual bristles on your gums like with conventional toothbrushes as they are simply too many and too close together.  The bristles are made of Nylon, our search continues to find a brush that is 100% biodegradable, but you can eliminate 97% of disposed plastics by using this one!

If my suspicions are correct I would also say the bristles are going to stay uniform in shape for longer rather than flattening out like many other toothbrushes, one would think otherwise as the bristles are a lot thinner and finer, but as there are so many of them they support each other better and pressure is distributed over more of them making for less bending or flexing. 

This model offers a lower waste option as you can also buy only the front section of the brush reducing your waste even more. You can also swap out the two colour options to suit your mood, have some fun with it! 

We love that it is one of the most affordable options available in SA, the fact that the ergonomics and smoothness around the stem where it rubs over your lips is very comfortable and the fact that it is super gum-friendly, try it out! 

This system takes the cost for a 'new toothbrush' down to 10 bucks a pop, can anyone in SA beat that?!

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