Barbasol 2-piece (V135)

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The Barbasol two-piece Bakelite handled razor is another razor that seems to have been able to avoid getting captured by Mr. Google as very little can be found on this item, we can gather that they were not made for a very long time and this two-piece model is harder to find than the more common all-metal version. This razor features what appears to be a bakelite handle with the Barbasol brand engraved on the bottom. The baseplate rotates on the handle and the setup is tightened by twisting the handle clockwise while holding fast the basplate, blade and cap, quite unique!

The razor gives a great shave, and is definitely worth owning if you want something unique, light and hard to find.

I section of threaded rod on the cap is missing, but there is still enough left to fit up securely with, and without the blade.

Nice and light @ 34 grams, upright it stands 89 mm tall.