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Beach bum is our third local-is-lekka fragrance with a beach theme that could be replicated at most places along our 2850 km coastline. The vibe is laid back and relaxed, summer vibes and tunes, cool breezes and hot looking dudes and dudettes showing off what they worked on so hard to maintain during the colder months. This fragrance is fresh and funky and SO good, it is of the intention to square up to the strong competition of coconut fragranced suntan lotion on our local beaches, a smell we all know and love all too well. It is a fragrance that will appeal to a very wide spectrum of men and their partners, and we won't be surprised if we come across a young Captonian surfer high-fiving a middle aged khaki clad mielieboer with the words; 'Bruuuuuu you are wearing the same enfusion as me ballie, let's go for a brew!' The top notes of the rising tide is Bergamot, Tangerine and Lotus leaves, the medium notes drifting in from the beach are Drift wood, Rosewood, Sea breeze, and Orange flower water, while the base notes of this fragrance barrels in with Amber crystals, Rich Musk and Tonka. If smell was a laid back song, this one might very well be 'No shoes, no shirt, no problems' by Kenny Chesney. The summer version (frosted bottle) gives you a chilled wash over the cheeks that lasts well into your day, apply when freshly shaved and while your face is still well moisturized for best effect.

This aftershave is alcohol based, with a mixture of natural and synthetic oils. We tried to get it to a level where it is not as drying as many alcohol based aftershaves out there, but also not too oily. The fragrance oils used are added in a higher concentration that is used by most brands, so the fragrance is strong and lasting, we are not fans of an aftershave that start limping after 60 minutes, so we zapped some extra energy into these formulations. We hope you love these products, please leave some reviews right below this paragraph, as your feedback is our only gauge on how to improve or adjust our products.