Bengall straight razor VR14

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The Cadman company was a well-established company that produced razors and cutlery in Sheffield England between 1748-1965. the Bengall trademark was first granted in 1748. Early Bengall straight razors were made from cast steel, also known as crucible steel. When steel production was still difficult and expensive in the history, it was a method used to produce homogeneous and purer steel in the early 1800s. This razor is in good general condition and is still all original, with the celluloid scales that is reasonably shiny and scratch free. This razor is one of their more recent models and around 50 plus years old, the blade centers nicely and the blade is tight enough to ensure it sits in place in any chosen poistion. 

*Vintage razors are priced according to model and availability, time spent cleaning and reconditioning and time/level of honing. Please enquire if you need additional work done to this razor prior to purchase. All straight razors will require a stropping on a leather strop before every use. Pics are unedited (detail) and provide a true image of the condition of the razor.

This razor is stropped and shave ready, simply wipe away the protective film and smile as it smashes stubble!