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This blade is in our opinion one of the best all-rounders in South Africa when you consider price, availability, comfort and blade retention. Be sure to test this one out to use as your everyday blade.


Customer Reviews

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Edouard de Villiers
Fortunately nothing like their pens!

First off, for those wondering, these blades are made for BIC by a factory in Greece. They're not South African, just sold here.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by these blades, since we all know how BIC's ballpoint pens are.

In combination with Arko shave soap and a Gillette Super Speed razor, it provided a very comfortable and close shave. If I had to choose a locally sold alternative to my favourite Minora Platinums, I would have to choose these.

Gerald Wainer
Great blade

I've used all the blades in the variety pack, and somehow left the Bic for last as the ball point connotation somehow made it seem cheap and 'throw away'. WELL, was I surprised. By far the most comfortable and sharp blade I used, and that includes Feather. One light pass and done for every day shave. 2 light passes and smoothhh.
No scraping away. And they last way over a week! Well done Mzansi!!

Jacques Badenhorst
Good blade

Solid blade that does the job over and over again. May not win any awards, but a solid dependable option.

Ahmed Asmal
Best value, local is lekker.

The best South African blades that I’ve tried so far. Shave super well in my RB7, very nice and close and consistently performs for at least two shaves, each shave having 3-6 passes, hair length dependent. Have stretched it over to five shaves on another shavette but I hadn’t done as many passes. Mostly you get what you pay for, but this surpasses my expectations by a bit and then some. If I had to choose just one razor from an affordability and accessibility standpoint, this would be it. Bundubeard also has them 38% cheaper than Dischem so that’s another plus from me. At 30% more expensive than lion, that slight increase goes a long way. Definitely worth a try.