Black Loofah pig (CB223)

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Black resin makes up the bulk of this brush, we dumped a loofah inside of it, adding some of nature's wonder is a great way to give a brush some interesting characteristics as the creation process is complete and I simply have to incorporate.

We'll play around a bit more with loofahs in future, the inner cores are fairly structured, so the work quite well for more translucent and clear brushes.

The brush weighs 105 grams, stands 133 mm tall with a loft of 60 mm, the waist measures 26 mm. 

The brush is fitted with a 26 mm boar that is waiting for its new master to break it in on their stubbled cheeks.

The brush still have half a seed in it, so don't leave it without lying about without work as it may germinate!

*The knot was still damp when I took the pics