Blade bank, Transformers/Captain America

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With cash, and even more so coins becoming a scarce commodity, so are moneyboxes and piggy banks, pretty soon they will be relics of a bygone era and that is why I grab some whenever I see some cool ones that can double up as blade banks. What are blade banks for? Have a read here for some more info on storing and getting rid of blades. This bank has a removable lid for easy removal of contents, and is very user friendly. By our estimate this container would hold about 900 razor blades before it would need emptying out or contents to be recycled, this translates into it holding around 2 decades worth of discarded blades for a man shaving 6 days a week! Dimensions are 107 mm x 78 mm x 78 mm.

Store well away from kids, or seal it properly with silicone or similar to avoid the little tykes opening them and cutting stuff (or themselves) to shreds.