Blue burl (ARB37)

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Blue resin is probably the most popular colour in a brush, add to that some beautifully Wild Olive burl and a 28 mm Bodger knot and you have one pretty desirable brush. Our Bodger knots are a 50/50 mixture of Boar and Silvertip giving you a very unique mix of hair that has a very distinct feel to it and that have gained quite a bit of traction in our local market. It gives a stiffer brush with more exfoliating power, while retaining a good lathering ability with the Silvertip hair that is fine and plentiful.     

The brush weighs a chunky 116 grams and stands 140 mm high, the knot lofts at 56 mm and the brush sits very nice in hand, resin handles are a lot smoother than wooden textured brushes and the large pot belly handle aids for good grip in the palm of your hand rather than gripping it with your fingers. a Powerful brush for a powerful bloke. 

Please lather your brush two to three times prior to use to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated during storage of the knots or brushes.