Bosveld Wild Olive stub with Super badger knot (CB237)

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This oke is short and stubby, and made for blokes wanting a small brush, it is almost small enough to fit into a vintage brush tube, but the bristles sticks out a bit. 'Bosveld Olyf' is the local version of the beautiful Wild Olive species of wood. It is a great wood to work with, and has an enchanting smell when turned on the lathe. The timber is very stable and will last for years to come. 

Stock dependant, we normally include a small sample of balm that can be used to nourish the wood, this is actually an aftershave balm made from tallow, so feel free to try it on your face also, we discovered its amazing qualities for wood preservation by chance, but now it is our favourite medium to use on interior and vintage wooden items.

The handle is fitted with a 21 mm Super Badger knot, nice and soft with good spring in the knot. Dimensions are 92 mm tall, a loft of 58 mm, a collar of 29 mm and a base of 34 mm. It weighs 41 grams.