Box One/Doos nommer een (nie wie/wat jy dink nie)

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'Box One' is the first of a few gift boxes that are so cool that none of its lucky recipients would be able to resist trying out this timeless way of shaving. Shaving with a safety razor and brush is dirt cheap, good for your skin, and good for the environment. This Box includes our DE1 Razor, a synthetic shaving brush, a shaving bowl, a fragrance-matched body soap, shaving soap and after shave. Our test pack of blades is the final addition to Box One, there are 40 blades (8 blade types) in the pack, making sure the lucky recipient finds the one best suited to their skin and beard type. The shaving soap and blades will be enough for a full year's worth of shaves. If you want to read up on the choices for fragrances, please pop around to the 'Shaving muti' section and read up on the fragrance profile of each of our offerings

From here on out a year's worth consumables will cost you around R 200 (blades and shaving soap)! The Aftershave is available in our summer and winter versions, the summer version has a zesty cooling effect that will keep a cool kick lingering on your skin for hours, the winter version is simply the warm, inviting fragrance of our blends of oils and perfumes, without the cooling effect.

The set is packed in kraft paper and boxing, and pretty enough to be gifted as is, go ahead and see that special person's face light up as the contents reveals itself in layers and layers of 'lekkerness'