British Gillette Tech Bakelite handle (V287)

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The Gillette Techs with  Bakelite handles were produced in the late 30's to late 70's. These were straight forward, mild shaving, no frills 3 piece razors that were produced in various locations and also sold all over the world. The tech was one of the models found quite abundantly in South Africa. This model has an aluminium tech head and a maroon Bakelite handle. Bakelite is a light material that would have been offered from time to time by various razor manufacturers where such specifications were a requirement. 

The razor weighs 27 grams and stand 78 mm high.

This razor is in great condition, ones like these don't come around often so grab it if you are a collector, and use it carefully to try and preserve its condition if you are putting it into active shaving duty. The case is in pretty good shape apart from a crack in the top, clear lid. This seems to be the correct case for this razor as it has 'Gillette' and 'Made in England' cast in the plastic. We have included a few blades that were likely to have been issued with the razor as a complete offering.

The set seems to be a quite a scarce format as we could not find any additional info on it, despite the fact that Gillette razor models are fairly well documented.