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Finally something special for the face latherers! The bottom part of the scuttle is filled with hot water that keeps your brush and lather placed in the top section hot and pleasant. This little scuttle is a gem, I load my brush and dunk it into the scuttle when getting into the shower. I don't like it too much when my brush soaked in hot water is loaded with cold soap and then lathered on my face. Since heating up the soap is not really an option this scuttle presents a perfect solution, as it reheats your brush that was cooled down dramatically when you do a 20 or 30 second brushload on a puck of soap. It's other function is to keep your brush and lather warm in between passes, lather up and dunk it back into the scuttle to stay nice an cosy for the next pass. Brilliant!

The brush scuttle weighs just over 500 grams, stands about 11 cm tall and is 10 cm across on the top diameter. The brush pictured is a large brush with a 28 mm Finest two band knot, so this scuttle will work nicely for normal and larger brushes  

a Set of instructions is included in the bottom of the box.