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The Bundu-bar is one of the most versatile grooming products you'll ever find, if you are looking for something that will wash and condition your hair, your body and provide a good shave this is the one! It is so versatile we are doing a few blogs on them because there is simply not enough space on this page to list them all! a Perfect solution for people on the go, sport fanatics, travellers, minimalists, people who live in smaller spaces, folks who care about our environment, zero wasters, beach go-ers, surfers, moms, dads, students, gym and yogi clans, people who shower at work or places other then their homes, bush dwellers, people who love their hair to look awesome, and also the other 567 879 homo sapiens on earth not classified under any the above.

Some folk use more conditioner, others more shampoo, some will use it for their body and shaving also, and some not, this is why we offer it in various ratios so that you can choose the bar that best fit your lifestyle and preferences, maybe separate bars for home use and a combo bar for when out and about, your choice! It works better than the bottled stuff on shorter hair, but requires a bit more work with longer hair, but our planet is worth it isn't it?

Apart from being a great product, it will save the average person from sending around 1000 to 1200 shampoo and conditioner bottles to landfill over their lifetime, we just love making it easy and cool for you to save the earth.

The round bar is more practical that our previous brick for a number of reason; it is used up more evenly over its surface area, comes in sensible packaging and stores better. It is also wide enough to store on its side, so contact with the soap holder is minimised, this means soap dries better, stores better and does not stay soggy and wet, all of this means more bang for you buck as your product will last longer.

The PET container is perfect for travellers as it will avoid any contact with your luggage, even if your bar is chucked into it soaking wet. Our biodegradable packaging for your refills or home are the coolest, they will tell a story where other hair products only brag about themselves! Check out our blog section for more info and feedback from some customers using the product.

Proudly South African and proudly a WORLD FIRST, yet again showing our 'Boer-maak-'n-plan' attitude doesn't stop at fixing windpompe and Fords, but we can even fix the environment if we choose to!

Ingredients conditioner side;  Cetostearylalcohol 45-55% Cetrimonium bromide 15-25% Cetylalcohol 7-12% Mineral Oil 7-9% Polyquaternium-37 1-5% Isostearic acid 1-2% lsostearoyl hydrolysed collagen 0.1 -0.5% Peppermint oil 1-2% Menthol crystals.

Ingredients shampoo side;  Glycerine, Sodium Stearate, Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate, Incromectant L Amea, Lanexol AWS, Crodasinic CAC, Propylene Glycol, Urea, EDTA Disodium Salt, Cold pressed virgin coconut oil, Jamaican black Castor oil, Shea butter.

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