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The Bundu-bar lite....a small, compact, solid bar with shampoo on the one side and conditioner on the other. This is the perfect solution for people on the go, sport fanatics, travellers, minimalists, people who live in smaller spaces, folks who care about our environment, zero wasters, beach go-ers, surfers, kids, moms, dads, students, gym and yogi clans, people who shower at work or places other then their homes, bush dwellers, people who love their hair to look awesome, and also the other 567 879 homo sapiens on earth not classified under any the above.

This bar is extremely versatile, it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and weighs only 30 to 40 grams in its container. The aluminium tub protects the bar and other gear in your bag, nobody wants shampoo on their other stuff, and no-one likes those bulky shampoo bottles weighing them down! This solid bar lathers thick and creamy, so stinging eyes can now be eliminated for ever!

a Man with a typical 'schoolboy haircut' will use approximately 0.8 grams of shampoo per wash, and 0.3 grams of conditioner, so the bar (approx 25 grams) will give you two to three weeks worth of daily washes, or 14 to 21 uses! 

Hang on the the tin and buy refills, they will work out way cheaper in the long run! There is a premium on the tin (not because it is soooo cool) but the fact of the matter is that we want to encourage folks to re-use the container, save themselves some boodle, and also give mother earth a chance to get all of our trash out of her lungs. Refills are available in packs of 4.

We also stock the shampoos and conditioners in single pucks, so if you might want to buy two tins and keep one for your conditioner, and one for your shampoo, even when used in the way it takes up very little space!

Ingredients conditioner side;  Cetostearylalcohol 45-55% Cetrimonium bromide 15-25% Cetylalcohol 7-12% Mineral Oil 7-9% Polyquaternium-37 1-5% Isostearic acid 1-2% lsostearoyl hydrolysed collagen 0.1 -0.5% Peppermint oil 1-2% Menthol crystals.

Ingredients shampoo side;  Glycerine, Sodium Stearate, Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate, Incromectant L Amea, Lanexol AWS, Crodasinic CAC, Propylene Glycol, Urea, EDTA Disodium Salt, Cold pressed virgin coconut oil, Jamaican black Castor oil, Shea butter.