Bundu Whacker 33

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This Whacker is fitted with African Blackwood scales and wedge The tang and heel design ensures this razor sits very comfortable in hand, the tang has a 'pinky grind' and is suitable for folks with medium hands, if you have banana fingers your two last fingers will not sit too comfortably on the tang The blade has a height of 28 mm and the razor weighs 90 grams, it has a half hollow grind with a 6 mm spine thickness that ensure this beast has lots of meat to work with, the razor is shave ready. The razor has a Scorpion stinger point  that enables easier hair removal in the nooks and crannies of your face than what a round tipped razor would. The wider diameter thumb hollow works very well to assist in controlling this piece of sharp. Watch out for that stinger, it's handy but won't hesitate to bite you if you mistreat this beast.

The Bundu Whacker is range of razors that are meant to fill a void in the market, and as with many new product lines, cost to customer was the biggest criteria. Our main aim is to collaborate with  Andre from Grobler Cutlery to produce a handmade razor for around 2-3 k. Off course we had to limit the time spent on fit and finish, but believe us when we say these razors are going to find regular use from novice and experienced shavers alike because they shave well and are very comfortable in hand. Despite the limitations we had on allowable input costs of these razors, the coolness factor was certainly not lost, these are some damn pretty creations and I personally prefer them over most vintage razors I have used, and even some new razors from larger manufacturers. They are all created from raw materials and unique in appearance.

 Keep the scales in shape by simply applying our 'My bliksem balm' to it, and giving a quick buff a few minutes after,