Bundu Whacker 35

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O1 Tool steel on the blade and Kudu horn protecting the delicate, sharp edge. Kudu horn is very thick, so a lot of outer horn can be worked away to deliver a shiny light, translucent pair of scales, some black still firts around on the ends and top side of the scales. The scales are spaced with a red G10 wedge. The wide, rough edged steel is 6.4 mm thick under the thumb, making the need for jimps to improve grip obsolete. The blade has a height of 27 mm and the razor weighs 107 grams, it has a quarter hollow grind with a 6.4 mm spine thickness that ensures this beast has lots of meat to work with, the razor is shave ready. Hardness is dialed in at 61-63 HRC. The bevel angle is just under 16 degrees. 

The Bundu Whacker is range of razors that are meant to fill a void in the market, and as with many new product lines, cost to customer was the biggest criteria. Our main aim is to collaborate with  Andre from Grobler Cutlery to produce a handmade razor for around 2-3 k. Despite the limitations we had on allowable input costs of these razors, the coolness factor was certainly not lost, these are some damn pretty creations and I personally prefer them over most vintage razors I have used, and even some new razors from larger manufacturers. They are all created from raw materials and are individually unique in appearance.

Humidity is your razors's number one enemy, dry properly after use and oil when stored for prolonged periods or when in high humidity environments.