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Body soap for blokes. Possibly the simplest thing you can do change the quality of your life is to change from a chemically produced mass consumer soap bar to a glycerine bar. Glycerin is a humectant, it absorbs water from the air and attracts moisture to your dry skin, you will feel the difference on your skin after the first use, a must all year round!   

Here is one for you...commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their soaps to use in products that command a higher price, like the creams and lotions... which you need after using their soaps that dry out your skin! Go figure!

The 200 gram brick has come about by customers requesting a bigger bar that lasts longer. it is also slightly more economical, easier to grip if you have bigger hands and fits our travel soap holder. This body soap lathers well and gets the job done. Forget moisturisers and body creams, this 'bul-of-a-brick' will get you through a winter in Sutherland without having dry, itchy skin.

Ingredients: Pure vegetable glycerine, pure cold pressed coconut oil from the source in Mozambique, the full list of ingredients is on our FAQ page.

Razor added for scale of size.

Customer Reviews

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Bob Palmer
Top gehalte

Wat 'n wonderlike seep. Jou vel is sag en voel of jy in cleopatra se melk gebad het. Elke sent die moeite werd, en ruik baie lekker.

Jeff Drucker
Smooth, soft, and smelling great!

I received three samples of these awesome bath soaps that Jaco threw in so generously with an order that he shipped here to me and the first one I tried and am still using is the Honeybush. It lathers up great, it smells super, and it leaves my skin feeling well moisturized. I tried a sample of the shaving soap a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it a lot. The next time I buy from Jaco I’ll definitely order some more of these bath soaps - they’re so lekker!

Edouard de Villiers
A great locally-made soap

A complimentary bar of the Honeybush-scented soap was included in one of my orders.
I decided to take it along with me on my travels and found it to be an excellent soap. It lathers just as well as the shaving soaps by Bundu, even when bathing with "hard" water that tends to deflate a good lather.
It's cleansing, without drying out your skin and in fact is quite moisturizing. The end product is a soft and pleasant-smelling body.
There are some small pieces of plant matter in the soap, but nothing too fancy in the looks department like you might see from somewhere like Cellar Door.
At the listed price, I don't think these soaps can be beaten.