Bundubeard conditioner bar (4 pucks per pack)

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 These pucks are the same size as our small shampoo bars, they work well for daily use, and are very handy when travelling or making use of wash facilities at sporting venues, campsites and when on holiday. a Bloke with a typical shortish haircut should get about 2 to 3 weeks worth use out of one puck. One puck weighs around 30 grams, fit any four of these small round conditioner or shampoo bars into a normal soap holder when traveling. Unlike most conditioner bars ours are quite soft, a few quick swipes will deposit enough product on your hair that can be distributed quickly and massaged into your entire head of hair, experiment a bit to find what works best for you. Most people use too much conditioner, it is only supposed to cover all your hair, and not your scalp.

Read our FAQ page for more info on our soaps and conditioners, how to use them, or turn them into a liquid to refill your own container.

The bars have the following ingredients in them;  Cetostearylalcohol 45-55% Cetrimonium bromide 15-25% Cetylalcohol 7-12% Mineral Oil 7-9% Polyquaternium-37 1-5% Isostearic acid 1-2% lsostearoyl hydrolysed collagen 0.1 -0.5% Peppermint oil 1-2% Menthol crystals.