Bundubeard Cool as a cucumber shaving soap.

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This shaving soap is almost as cool as a Rugby World Cup champion drinking beer out of the trophy cup in a ZA-flag speedo while giving the British royals a taste of his 'freedom'! With all that coolness we upped our game and figured why not make it Bok-green while we are at it? This soap has a medium strength fragrance of Mr. cool cucumber, and smells quite refreshing. It has a Glycerine base that makes it very economical to use, while still delivering great slip, cushion in a thick lather with enormous staying power. It offers great post shave care as Glycerine is widely used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations. Like our Faf, this soap is a real workhorse and this tub will give you anything from 150 to 250 shaves depending on how much lather you like when shaving. Pictured here with our synthetic brush. This lather was built using the synthetic brush with a one second cold water dip, this brush/soap combo works great for guys on the run as the synthetic bristles do not need a soak in hot water for a few minutes for the bristles to get soft/absorb moisture, and as it is synthetic it does not really require full drying before chucking it in your kit. Ingredients in the pics.

We think we must offer this with a cooling kick (menthol crystals/peppermint oil) also, what say thee?  

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