Bundubeard Gentle Giant shaving soap.

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Our Gentle giant range is an option that will appeal to persons looking for a more natural product, it could be the answer for guys and girls with sensitive skin,  It lathers thick and creamy. We have added a fragrance to this soap as most people with very sensitive skin have taken to our 'Fragrance free' glycerine base, we figured the Gentle Giant is such a force in nature, it would be sad to have it represented by a mediocre soap. This tubbed soap sized at 180 grams (contents) will produce around 200 to 300 shaves. Our blend will provide you with a shaving soap that can be used as a soapy lubricant for times when you want to trim a beard line, to a high density, thick, creamy lather. Refills are available, so hang on to that tub and contribute to keeping our natural resources clear of synthetic waste by refilling it when the time comes, you'll also save a few bob in the process!

This soap as a tad more solids on account of the fruit powder in it, we get best results bt leaving a bit more water in the brush when shaking it out, loading the brush a bit longer and then lathering a bit longer, like with the tree, it is a time-thing....  

Ingredients: Bees wax, non-irradiated raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold-pressed avocado and sunflower oil, baobab oil and vegetable glycerine. Bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay and Baobab powder finishes off this formulation. 


Customer Reviews

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Luami Zondagh
Great product

Great product, lasts long and does the job well - my boyfriend loves it

Yannick Vermeulen
It's the Giant for a reason

This is the biggest soap I've held in my hands, granted I am still a beginner and this is my first shaving soap. The lathering takes more effort than using a cream but it's not a bad thing and I've got patience.

The soap performs great and protects my skin well during the shave. The honey on the ingredients list made me think of the saying, "You can catch flies with honey but you can catch more honeys being fly". Definitely feel like that whenever I get to shaving🙂

Smooooth shaving ahead

This shaving soap has a great scent, lathers very easy and protects your face perfectly with a DE shave.

The Gentlest of Giants

Another great soap that lathers up a storm, and provides a wonderful slick glide when mowing down those pesky whiskers.

The gentle giant has a very pleasant subtle smell to it that reminds me of honeycomb, and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized after the shave.

A great soap that`s more gender neutral so guys and gals can both enjoy another amazing Bundu soap

Jeff Drucker
A work of art!

This is a review of the newer version of this soap - I have no idea how the older version is/was.

First of all the scent is gorgeous - it smells so exotic, rich, and classy, the lather works up so easily, it becomes thicker and thicker, it has great slickness, and the baobab oil in it gives such a great soothing and moisturizing sensation. If you have sensitive skin like I do this soap will take great care of you just as all of Jaco’s others! 😉