Honeybush shaving soap.

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Honeybush has always been a personal favourite of mine, I started out with 'manly' fragrances, but soon learnt to appreciate floral and sweeter notes. Regardless of what I like, we have to cater for the consumer, so we testosteroned up this soap with a dose of export quality (why does all our good stuff leave the country) Honeybush fines. Honeybush in itself is good for your skin, but the main reason we added the fines was for the smokey, tobacco-like fragrance it adds to the sweet floral smell. It balances this fragrance very nicely, with the fragrance leaning over to the leafy side rather than the floral side (tell us if you think it must rather be sweeter). This addition also enhanced the lathering ability, my professional, peer reviewed scientific conclusion is that the fibres act like little turbos and forces air through the mix to boost performance! This stuff lathers like a bomb on my face, sweet creamy lather exploding everywhere!

Most shaving soap makers believe that their product should be particle free, but we don't. Now look, Elephant dung won't work, but anything more or less the size of long, thick stubble has yet to present a problem, our 'Kick series' has sizeable coffee grains in it, and to date we have not had any feedback of it being a problem. We love the idea of a soap maturing over time, this brought about by a insoluble component that has been introduced during middle or end stages of the soap making process. Most of us have loads of soap, and having some soaps that 'mature' like good wine could be an interesting concept, and even create a market for vintage soaps that are sought after many years after they were produced, not on account of scarcity, but rather of its 'vintage year' Expect to see some more soaps in this format! 

Note* This soap is so protective it has morphed into a motorcycle helmet! Check out the last pic in the lineup.

This is a glycerine based soap, with the addition of natural clays, cold pressed virgin coconut oil and organic Honeybush fines, the latter is not included in the ingredient description on the bottom of the tub, and will be added with the next print.