Bundubeard Lathering bowl/shaving soap bowl Mk3

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If you are into doing things on a larger scale than most other folk, this bowl is the one for you, it is wide and deep with sides that are straight at a slight angle. It has enough volume and a nice working action that allows for the generation of copious amounts of lather without any spilling out the bowl. 

In our water scarce country we all have to work together to look after this valuable resource, contribute by using a bowl rather than your basin to soak/heat your brush and razor before you shave, and for rinsing foam from your razor during the shave.

Most men use about 2-3 L per shave, using a bowl can reduce that to half a liter or even less! It has our logo on the inside of the base adding a bit of character to the clinical stainless steel. This bowl measures 163 mm wide on the top rim and 72 mm high. The bottom of the bowl is around 110 mm in diameter.