Rolling Rooibos shaving soap.

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Rooibos is a proudly South African brand that has been used locally for generations, it has gained immense popularity internationally over the past two decades, so much so that there was a legal dispute in the USA when some clever (read opportunistic) dude patented the name and claimed royalties from all companies and individuals importing and distributing the product in the US. The SA government has also introduced rules that protects the use of the word 'Rooibos' when selling such products. Rooibos is best known for the healthy, tasty tea that is obtained from brewing it. Our shaving soap has a pretty strong fragrance that represents the sweet magic you enjoy when sipping the good stuff. It lathers white and foamy like a hollow barrel wave thundering onto Llandudno beach, is slick as a Capetonian selling snoek on the sidewalk, and builds a voluminous lather that looks like the Atlantis dunes we love so much.