Bundubeard 'Saasveld seitan' vegan shaving soap.

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This is one of the three vegan shaving soaps we currently offer, no animal products are used, nor palm oil which is an industry responsible for the destruction of vast amounts of  animal habitat. Is it only for vegans? Certainly not! Vegans will often tell you that 'x' tastes just like bacon and 'y' just like steak, and you are allowed to reserve your doubts, but being a helpful bunch we decided to come the aid of the 'Vegan cause' and make available a shaving soap that behaves, performs, smells, and tastes like.... well, a shaving soap! This soap has some great properties going for it. The first aspect that will stand out for everyday users is a strong Eucalyptus fragrance that will immediately remind you of the well known 'Halls' throat lozenges, a product we have all encountered at some stage of our lives. It lathers to a creamy consistency, will present some awesome peaks and deliver a stiff, sturdy lather. Post shave is not as good as it's nemesis our tallow soaps, but certainly good enough for us to use without the need any post shave products. The name we dubbed this soap consist of two words that has a nice ring to it when spoken; Saasveld refers to the agricultural college where one of the largest Eucalyptus trees in South Africa is situated, this giant stands around 40 meters tall,  'Seitan', is a product that is made from wheat gluten and is used often in vegan diets, it is said to taste somewhere between chicken and mushrooms. 

You will find this soap extremely useful when trying to impress your new easy going, freestylin', vegan, earth-hugging girlfriend, to win arguments at braai's when you prove beyond reasonable doubt that you HAVE tried vegan products, and to shave with. Damn... who would have though a puck of shaving soap can also determine your social standing and acceptance into certain communities! 

Expect the following; Halls sweeties/lozenges, eucalyptus, early morning golf on the Highveld, fresh, stiff, sharp, bunnylove.