Sandalwood shaving soap.

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What can we say about this is the staple of our shaving soaps, the 'comfort food' if you will; the 'Mac and cheese' of the USA, vodka of Russia and the 'Pap and vleis' from South Africa. The soap is easy to lather, very economical and has a very pleasant universal fragrance that is liked by all, male and female, young and old alike.

It's like a homecoming really, always pleasant, welcoming and warm with a familiar friendly glow and smiles on faces of all in the vicinity. If there is one of our soaps that you must try first, last or anywhere in between, it is this one! 


Customer Reviews

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winston Mcnaught
Sandalwood shaving soap.

I find the lather dries out towards the end of the shave. I then have to dip my brush in a little water and brush it on my face to add some lubrication. Other than that it shaves well and and has a great fragrance.

Philip R.

Best shaving soap I've used! Excellent value for money.

My First Choice All The Time

This shaving soap has truly earned its place among my top favorites. I purchased the large tub a year ago, and I've only used up half of it. It creates a luxurious lather and the captivating sandalwood scent not only enhances the shaving experience but also fills my entire home with its magnificent aroma. Without a doubt, it's a must-have addition to your collection of shaving soaps.

Old-school Sandalwood

This is my 2nd ordering (now a 160g tub refill), it's definitely good enough to come back! . A clean an delicate Sandalwood scent, exactly like the ou toppies used to smell after shaving.
Face lathers extremely well using the BunduBeard boar brush, and shaving every 2nd day a tub lasted me 1.5 years.
Top notch.


Makes great lather and has an excellent sent. bought the 160g tub and I am sure it will last me at least 1,5 to two years. Very satisfied.