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Our entry level Bundubeard shaving brushes available in wooden handles are hugely popular, but we figured it was time to add an all synthetic brush, this brush has a handle made of a hard synthetic sunstance, dressed up in a synthetic knot that sits in a metal collar These brushes have fine synthetic hair that may not hold water as well as a natural  hair brush, but it does lather up a storm and it does that consistently. This brush is very soft to the touch, but at the same time has sufficient backbone and you can really work that lather into your whiskers. These brush knots have been tinted to resemble a silvertip badger brush, with the knot and handle complimenting each other very well.Many of our clients living at the coast or places with high humidity prefer synthetic brushes as they dry quicker than boar and badger.

Customer Reviews

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Norman Anderson
Excelent service

Bundubeard is the best to purchase anything for yoir shaving needs. I order for myself, my dad and also now for my youngest son.

Quility of the products are the best. Purchased a shaving brush somewhere else, bit it did not even last 4 months and the hair started falling out, so I convinced my son and bought one from you.
My first one I bought about 5 years ago and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Thank you for always selling top of the range products

Vernard de Villiers

This is only my second shaving brush, but unless I lose it it will probably be my last. Fantastic quality, feels amazing, lathers well, and is somehow still very affordable. I cannot fault this brush in any way at all.

H Schoonwinkel
Synthetic for the win!

I really enjoy this brush. Extremely soft and lathers very well (with Bundubeard's very own original shaving soap). I've been a badger hair brush kind a guy over the years and i have to tell you: this brush is fantastic. No need to soak in water for 10 minutes before shaving. Just wet it, shake and start whipping up your lather. Dries very fast and great for traveling too.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone. And also, the Bundubeard's service is stellar. Thanks Jaco!

Give it a try!

I wrote off shaving brushes years ago as not being for me as they always made my face itch and were quite unpleasant experiences. I'm so glad I decided to give this fine synthetic brush a chance. It feels good, whips up a lovely lather, and allows me to experience Jaco's lovely soaps and a more luxurious shave!